Lux Life

Anniversaries / special occasions

Whether it's a night to remember or possibly a way to amplify your special moment - possibly take regular date night to a whole new level.  Look no further, Lux Cars Nashville is your solution.

Concerts - Sporting Events

Savor the myriad of experiences Music City has to offer without the stress of traffic and lack of parking. Secure a ride to your next event, museum, concert, hockey game with our fleet and your pregame can be as lavish as you choose. 

Music Videos and Photoshoots

Artists, does your next video or media package need some opulence? Does your image and brand want a glow up? Our fleet is available for all your media needs. We also have access to a diverse group of photographers and videographers, or you can book your own. 

Book Now: Send us your desired dates and details of your trip and we will personaly call you to design your experience .